Génerx: del dicho al hecho

For the last couple of months I've been immersed in a very interesting project, suggested by curator Noelia Lecue. Everything started with two concepts: gender and language, -Spanish language, and how the difference between feminine and masculine inherent to our mother tongue shaped and framed, excluded and inscribed gender stereotypes and imbalances the collective imagery. From this perspective, I tried to find out the forms this situation is present in the context of everyday life. Now, this Gender inequality is embodied in the public space through monuments that inscribe history into public consciousness. The way in which women are represented in the public space as well as in the official discourse of history reflects socio-historical conflicts arising from the inequality between men and women. But, if you want to know more, I guess you should join us for the opening.

It's a pleasure to participate in Génerx: del dicho al hecho art exhibition with the great artists Oihana Cordero, Arisleyda Dilone, Camilo Godoy, Garazi Lara Icaza and Liz Mysterio, curated by Noelia Lecua (thanks for making the impossible happen).

Génerx: del dicho al hecho analyzes the problematic of the representation of gender in the Spanish language, highlighting the connotations that underlie most of the binary definitions that our language has assimilated throughout its history. Currently studied from linguistics, plastic arts, history or philosophy with authors such as Judith Butler or Paul B. Preciado, gender and its representation through language is an important place from which to analyze the construction of individual and social identity

Join us for the opening next Thursday, February 15th 7pm, at Instituto Cervantes, (211 E 49th St, New York).

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