My work approaches the mechanisms and techniques of representation that build our experience of reality, through a critical process of questioning and challenging hegemonic narratives and the forms by which they are presented. By using a multidisciplinary approach that employs several art disciplines and fields of knowledge, I start at my own personal experience and reflection about the subject’s relationships with social, cultural and political structures. By addressing the past, I can think about the present and the social reactions arising from hegemonic situations, and relations of power and resignificance.

My artistic practice is focused on the political, historical, social and cultural situations characterized by their exclusion from official narratives, by their concealment from the field of the sensible - that is, what is visible, what is audible, what can be perceived- , by their oblivion within History, and tries to recover forgotten memories to confront the reasons behind their concealment and the conflicts underlying their repression. I try to read their topology by deciphering their history and implications with the physical and socio-political contexts and their consequences and relationships with the individual.



Irene Mohedano is a Spanish artist based in New York. After completing her studies in Fine Arts at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid and in Communications, she was awarded a Fulbright scholarship and obtained an MA in Critical Theory and the Arts at the SVA, New York.

She researches on the mechanisms  of representation building our experience of reality, through a critical process of questioning and challenging hegemonic narratives and the forms by which they are presented, as well as on situations of conflict arising from hegemonic positions and power and re-significance relations, through several artistic practices such as installations, archives, photography and performance.

 Her work has been exhibited both in Spain and New York, in exhibitions sucha as  Truth at BRIC Arts Media House (New York), The Greenpoint Gallery (New York), Premio Mardel Artes Visuales  (Mardel Visual Arts Prize) Centre del Carme (Valencia), Atlas de las Ruinas de Europa at CentroCentro (Madrid), Paisajes de una Guerra (War Landscapes) at Casa Velázquez (Madrid), International Meetings of Action Art and Performance AcciónMad at Matadero Madrid, at III Salón de Verano en el Centro Cultural de Moncloa (Madrid), en Ductus: Gestos y Artefactos en la Sala C arte C del Museo del Traje (Madrid), among others.



  • City as Site: Public Performance and Social Interventions. Artist Residency with Ofri Cnaani, School of Visual Arts. New York

  • TheLab2018x. Group exhibition. 198 Allen St. New York

  • Transmissions/Transitions forum. School of Visual Arts. Panelist at the forum Transmissions, Transitions organized by the Curatorial Practice Department of the School of Visual Arts. New York

  • En los márgenes del arte. Research group supported by the General Office for Cultural Promotion of Madrid, Spain. Sala de Arte Joven de la Comunidad de Madrid.

  • Génerx:del dicho al hecho. Group exhibition at Instituto Cervantes, New York. Curated by Noelia Lecue.


  • Open (C)all: TRUTH. Group exhibition at BRIC Art Media House, Brooklyn, New York

  • Premio Mardel de Artes Visuales (Mardel Visual Arts Award). Exhibition at Centre del Carme, Valencia, Spain

  • Summer Grand Salon Show. Group exhibition at The Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, New York


  • Atlas de las Ruinas de Europa / Atlas of the Ruins of Europe. Exhibition at CentroCentro, Madrid, Spain

  • La Antiespaña. Group exhibition at ABM Confecciones, Madrid, Spain

  • Intransit. Art Residency. Museo del Traje, Madrid, Spain

  • Vidas Trans y 100 Artistas /Trans’ Lives and 100 Artist. Casa de Vacas, El Retiro, Madrid.


  • Amados Mios. Exhibition of curator Jesús Gironés’ collection at Mira Cultural Space in Pozuelo, Madrid, Spain

  • La isla Utopia.”Paisajes de una guerra”. Group exhibition and publication. Casa de Velázquez, Madrid, Spain

  • En realidad. Group exhibition. El Foro. Madrid, Spain

  • Cuerpo y Poder. Pasaje Fuencarral 77. Group exhibition. Sponsored by Germany’s Embassy.


  • Action Art International Meetings AcciónMad'14, MataderoMadrid, Spain

  • Salón de Verano. group exhibition at Cultural Center of Moncloa, Madrid, Spain

  • AcciónMad'14 at Sala de Arte Joven 2.0 de la Comunidad de Madrid, Spain

  • Grant "XII Becas Roberto Villagraz", Finalist. EFTI International Center of Photography and Film, Madrid, Spain

  • Resistencia Exhibition at El Foro, Madrid,Spain


  • Mínimos. Group exhibition at Galería Cero, EFTI International Center of Photography and Film, Madrid, Spain

  • Ductus. Gestos y Artefactos. Group exhibition at the national Museum MUSEO DEL TRAJE -Research Center of the Ethnological Heritage, Madrid, Spain

  • SeAlquila Mercado. Group exhibition at Mercado de la Cebada, Madrid, Spain

  • DesnudosDos, Group show at El Foro, Madrid,Spain