Infrastructure of Counter-History 01 (2017)/ Oil on canvas

Infrastructure of Counter-History 05 (2017)/ Photography and graphite

The pedestal -an instrument of acknowledgement-, over which these women are now erected, subverts the hegemonic discourse validating what was concealed from the public sphere. It unfolds an anonymous figure of resistance that also resonates in a universal scope and claims for a space in the public sphere by its monument feature. The paintings depicting mouthless women and cracked images, represent the underestimation in the public and social sphere, while it also allows to see their empowered image as something that remains latent on the verge of been reawakened by the current social and political conditions.

Infrastructure of Counter-History 06 (2017)/ Photography and graphite

These pictures of anonymous soldier women, including Spanish and American women of the International Brigades -standing for all their colleagues-, challenge the official discourse monumentalizing them as symbol of an untold history and defy the oblivion to which official history has relegated them. At the same time, these works also reflect how their role and voices have been silenced and disregarded by a patriarchal narrative. Likewise, this series goes back to the past to find these groups of resistance, to inspire and understand the roots of present movements. 


Infrastructure of Counter-History 03 (2017)/ Photography and oil

Infrastructure of Counter-History 02 (2017)/ Oil on canvas

Infrastructure of Counter-History 02 (2017)/ Oil on canvas

Infrastructure of Counter-History 04 (2017)/ Photography and graphite

This tribute to women’s movement of resistance is not only a monument to their forgetfulness but is also a challenge to what is taken as truth by presenting a counter-narrative to the way history, facts and events are transmitted, and enables to draw connections from the present to a past to which we should look back to better understand the present and fight for our future.